§ A8.329


Whenever a position controlled by the civil service provisions of this Charter is to be filled, the appointing officer shall make a requisition to the department of human resources for a person to fill it. Thereupon, the department shall certify to the appointing officer the names and addresses of all those persons meeting the certification rule established for that classification. The Civil Service Commission shall establish certification rules. Certification rules shall not be more restrictive than the certification of all candidates receiving the three highest scores on the list of eligibles for such positions. The appointing officer shall fill the position by the appointment of one of the persons certified. In making such certification, sex shall be disregarded except when a statute, rule of the commission or the appointing officer specifies sex; provided however, the appointing officer shall give due consideration to applicable civil service equal employment opportunity (EEO) goals so as to maximize diversity at all levels of City employment. The Mayor and the Board of Supervisors shall annually review each department’s performance in meeting its civil service EEO obligations.

From the requisition of the appointing officer or otherwise, the department shall determine whether the position is, in character, temporary, seasonal or permanent, and shall notify the candidate in accordance therewith to the end that the candidate may have knowledge of the probable duration of employment. The department shall provide for such waiver of temporary or seasonal employment as it may deem just to candidates.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this or any other provision of the Charter, an employee who has been certified from a regularly adopted eligible list to a non-permanent position in a civil service classification shall be entitled to appointment to a permanent position within that same classification before the department certifies to the appointing officer the names and addresses of persons standing higher on the list of eligibles who are not then current employees, subject to a demonstration of satisfactory job performance in the non-permanent position for a period and in the manner provided by rule of the commission. The provisions of this section as herein amended shall only be applicable to requisitions for permanent positions filled from and after January 1, 1980.



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