§ A8.365-1


The following words and phrases as used in this section, unless a different meaning is plainly required by the context, shall have the following meaning:

“Domestic Partner” shall have the same meaning as set forth in Administrative Code Section 62.1 et seq.

“Employee” shall mean any person who is appointed to a position created by or which is under the jurisdiction of the City and County, whose compensation is paid by the City and County, and who is under the control of the City and County as to employment, direction and discharge and does not include persons who occupy classified or certificated positions with the San Francisco Unified School District or the Community College District or who work for the City as independent contractors.

“Paid Leave” shall mean all paid time-off provided by the Charter, the Administrative Code, the Civil Service Rules or through a collective bargaining agreement and shall include but not be limited to vacation, sick leave, compensatory time, administrative or executive leave and floating holidays. For purposes of this section, “Paid Leave” shall not include statutory holidays.

“Parental Leave” shall mean (a) Family Medical Leave as defined below; (b) Temporary Pregnancy Disability Leave as defined below:


“Family Medical Leave” shall mean leave taken pursuant to the Family and Medical Leave Act, the California Family Rights Act, or Civil Service Commission Rules, where such leave is taken after the birth of a child to the employee, the employee’s spouse or the employee’s domestic partner or for placement of a child with the employee’s family for adoption or foster care, and has been requested and approved in accordance with the procedures set forth in those respective statutes or rules.


“Temporary Pregnancy Disability Leave” shall mean disability leave taken in accordance with State law or the Civil Service Commission Rules because of an employee’s inability to work, as certified by a health care provider, for reasons of pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions, as defined by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, Govt. Code Section 12945(b)(2) et seq.

“Supplemental Compensation” shall mean compensation paid by the City to eligible employees on Parental Leave. The amount of Supplemental Compensation shall be the employee’s regular base wage less (1) accrued paid leave from the City and (2) any payments received by the employee from a federal, state or other local government agency in lieu of compensation.


(Added November 2002)


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