§ A8.365-4



Employees shall receive their regular base wage while on approved Parental Leave subject to the following conditions;


Employees on approved Parental Leave shall first exhaust all accrued paid leave before receiving any Supplemental Compensation under this section. If an employee chooses not to exhaust these leaves, the total amount of the benefit for which the employee would otherwise have been eligible will be reduced by the amount of paid leave accrued by the employee as of the start of the leave.


The amount of Supplemental Compensation shall be reduced by any payments received by the employee from a federal, state or other local government agency while on Parental Leave.


Supplemental Compensation shall be provided for no more than twelve weeks, in the case of employees taking Family Medical Leave, or sixteen weeks, in the case of employees who take Temporary Pregnancy Disability Leave. For employees eligible for both Family Medical Leave and Temporary Pregnancy Disability Leave, Supplemental Compensation shall be provided for no more than sixteen weeks total. The twelve or sixteen week period shall be reduced by any paid leave taken after the birth of a child to the employee, the employee’s spouse, or the employee’s domestic partner, placement of a child with the employee’s family for adoption or foster care, or taken for temporary pregnancy disability, within twelve months prior to the commencement of Parental Leave as defined herein.


Under no circumstance shall an employee receive from the City supplemental compensation under this Charter section which would result in an employee receiving total compensation while on Parental Leave which is greater than the employee’s regular base wage.


During parental leave, the City shall continue to pay the contributions required by this Charter for retirement and health benefits, and any employer-paid employee retirement and health contributions required under the memorandum of understanding or unrepresented ordinance covering the employee. Retirement contributions shall be based on the actual amount of City pay received during the period of parental leave.


(Added November 2002)


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