§ A8.401-1


The current fiscal crisis requires the City and County to lay off employees to balance its budget. The need for such layoffs is expected to continue through fiscal years 2003-2004 and 2004-2005. The purpose of this early retirement measure is to: (1) encourage employees in classifications identified for layoff, due to cuts in City and County services or functions, to take early retirement, (2) minimize the effects of layoffs on employees already laid off from these classifications by increasing the possibility of return from holdover lists, (3) achieve good labor relations by extending the benefits to eligible employees who were laid off after March 1, 2003, but before the date this measure was enacted, (4) limit early retirement benefits to employees in classifications identified for layoffs, (5) provide for certification by the Controller that the number of employees selected for early retirement benefits in each classification shall not exceed the number of employees separated due to layoff, and (6) provide for participation by the School District and the Community College District.


(Added November 2003)


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