§ A8.420


A health service system is hereby established. Said system shall be administered by the human resources department subject to the approval of the health service board. The members of the system shall consist of all permanent employees, which shall include officers of the City and County, of the San Francisco Unified School District, and of the Parking Authority of the City and County of San Francisco and such other employees as may be determined by ordinance, subject to such conditions and qualifications as the Board of Supervisors may impose, and such employees as may be determined by collective bargaining agreement. Any employee who adheres to the faith or teachings of any recognized religious sect, denomination or organization and, in accordance with its creed, tenets or principles, depends for healing upon prayers in the practice of religion shall be exempt from the system upon filing annually with the human resources department an affidavit stating such adherence and dependence and disclaiming any benefits under the system. The human resources department shall have the power to exempt any person whose compensation exceeds the amount deemed sufficient for self coverage and any person who otherwise has provided for adequate medical care. Any claim or request for exemption denied by the human resources department may be appealed to the health services board.



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