§ A8.421


Subject to the requirements of state law and the budgetary and fiscal provisions of the Charter, the Health Service Board is authorized by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the Health Service Board to adopt a plan or plans or make other provision for health or dental benefits for residents of the City and County of San Francisco. Such plan or plans shall not become effective until approved by an ordinance of the Board of Supervisors adopted by three-fourths of its members. Residents shall not by virtue of enrolling in such plan or plans become members of the Health Service System. The Health Service System Fund shall not be used to provide any benefits under this section. The Health Service Board shall adopt rules and regulations to administer this section.

The determinations made under this section, including but not limited to whether to adopt a plan or plans, what benefits to offer, determination of eligibility, and the fixing and allocation of the cost of any plan or plans, are within the sole discretion of the City and County and its officials.


(Amended November 2004)


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