§ A8.440



Every person employed in the City and County service shall be allowed a vacation with pay annually, as long as he continues in his employment, as follows:


After one year’s continuous service, 10 working days.


After five years’ continuous service, 15 working days.


After 15 years’ continuous service, 20 working days.


Employees may elect not to take their entire vacation in any one year and in such event may accumulate the days allowable and not taken for use at some future time, provided, however, that no employee may accumulate unused vacation allowance in excess of 30 working days regardless of length of service.


In computing vacation pay, no employee shall be considered to work more than five days each week. Vacation pay for employees working less than a five-day week shall be computed proportionately.


If a holiday occurs during such employee’s vacation, and the employee would as a matter of law have been entitled to said day as a regular day off, such holiday shall not be considered a day of vacation chargeable to the employee’s vacation allowance.


The time when vacations are to be taken shall be at the convenience of the principal executive, with due regard for seniority.


An employee with one year or more of service who ceases to be employed by the City and County and who has neither received nor waived his current annual vacation allowance shall receive a pro-rata payment for all service performed since January 1 of the calendar year in which he ceases to be employed, together with an amount equivalent to any accumulated vacation allowances due him.


The Board of Supervisors shall enact any and all ordinances necessary to administer, interpret and regulate the provisions of Subsections (a) through (f) of this section.


Every employee of the City and County of San Francisco whose rate of compensation is fixed pursuant to the provisions of Sections 8.403 and 8.404 of this Charter shall be entitled to receive an annual vacation at the time, with the pay and of the duration specified in this section and no section of the Charter nor any provision of any collective bargaining agreement nor any street railway or bus wage schedule shall be construed in any manner or for any purpose to increase, reduce or otherwise affect the time or duration of, or pay for, vacations provided by this section nor shall any employee be deemed to have any vacation rights other than or in excess of the vacation rights specified in this section.


The vacation rights granted by this section, or contained in any collective bargaining agreements, or in any street railway or bus wage schedules, as any of said terms are referred to in Sections 8.403 and 8.404 of this Charter, shall in no way increase, reduce or otherwise affect or be deemed to affect the wage or pay rate or schedule determinations made pursuant to the provisions of said Sections 8.403 and 8.404.



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