§ A8.452


The chief of department shall recommend and the fire commission shall provide by rule for work schedules or tours of duty for the officers and members occupying the several ranks of the fire department; provided, however, that the normal work week determined on an annual basis for such officers and members shall not exceed 48.7 hours. All tours of duty established for officers and members assigned to the fire fighting companies and fire fighting units excepting the arson investigation unit, shall start at eight o’clock A.M. No such officer or member shall be required to work more than twenty-four consecutive hours except in a case of conflagration, disaster, or sudden and unexpected emergency of a temporary nature requiring the services of more than the available on-duty officers and members of the uniformed force of the department. Officers and members may exchange watches with permission of the chief of department and time worked on such exchange of watches shall not be construed as time in violation of the limitation of 48.7 hours in any normal work week nor 24 consecutive hours. Each such officer and each such member shall be entitled to at least one (1) day off duty during each week.

When, in the judgment of the chief of department, it is in the public interest that any such officer or member shall work on his day off and said officer or member consents to so work, he may at the direction of the chief of department work on said day off, and in addition to the regular compensation provided for said officer or member as set forth in the Charter, said officer or member shall, as requested by the officer or member, be entitled to be compensated at the rate of time and one-half his regular rate of pay as provided for herein for said extra time served, or he shall be allowed the equivalent time off at the rate of time and one-half.

In any computation in the administration of the San Francisco City and County Employees’ Retirement System in which the compensation, as defined in any provisions relating to the Retirement System, is a factor, compensation for overtime provided for in this section shall be excluded, and no such overtime compensation shall be deemed as compensation for any purpose relating to such retirement provisions.

Officers and members of the uniformed force shall be entitled to the days declared to be holidays for employees whose compensation are fixed on a monthly basis in the schedule of compensation adopted by the Board of Supervisors, pursuant to the provisions of Section 8.401 of the Charter, as additional days off with pay. Officers or members shall be compensated for said days on the basis of time and one-half as herein computed or shall be granted equivalent time off duty with pay at the rate of time and one-half, as requested by the officer or member.

For payroll purposes, that portion of each tour of duty which falls within each calendar day shall constitute a single tour of duty. The rate of compensation or equivalent time off as provided for in this section, shall be calculated by dividing the annual rates of pay for each fiscal year by two-thirds (2/3) number of single tours of duty as scheduled for the several ranks in the fire fighting companies in said fiscal year.



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