§ A8.522-1


Under this section, certain employees may become eligible to receive early retirement benefits. These early retirement benefits shall only apply to members who are certified under section A8.401 and who retire with an effective date of retirement within the time limit established by the notice in Section A8.401-6. As used in this section, the term “early retirement benefits” means increasing an eligible employee’s age and credited service for both qualification and benefit computation purposes by three (3) years but shall not apply to the disability or vesting benefit provisions or computations under Charter Sections A8.509(c), A8.509(f), A8.587-3 and A8.587-6. Early retirement benefits are available to members under Charter Sections A8.509 and A8.587, subject to any limitations in those sections, and also subject to the limits in Section A8.401 and herein but, are not available to members covered by Charter sections A8.559, A8.585, A8.586, A8.588, A8.595, A8.596, A8.597 or A8.598 or other Charter sections.


(Added November 2003)


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