§ A8.577


Should any member of the fire department cease to be employed as such member, through any cause other than death or retirement or transfer to another office or department, all of his contributions, with interest credited thereon, shall be refunded to him subject to the conditions prescribed by the Board of Supervisors to govern similar terminations of employment of other members of the Retirement System. If he shall again become a member of the department, he shall redeposit in the retirement fund, the amount refunded to him. Contributions, with interest, which are credited because of service rendered in any other office or department and which will not be counted under Section 8.578, to any person who becomes a member of the Retirement System under this sections, shall be refunded to him forthwith. Should a member of the fire department become an employee of any other office or department, his accumulated contribution account shall be adjusted by payment, to or from him as the case may be to make the accumulated contributions credited to him at the time of change, equal to the amount which would have been credited to him if he had been employed in said other office or department at the rate of compensation received by him in the fire department and he shall receive credit for service for which said contributions were made, according to the Charter section under which his membership in the Retirement System continues.



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