§ A8.586-10


The following time shall be included in the computation of the service to be credited to a member of the Police Department for the purposes of determining whether such member qualified for retirement and calculating benefits, excluding, however, any time, the contributions for which were withdrawn by said member upon termination of his or her service while he or she was a member under any other Charter section, and not redeposited upon re-entry into service:


Time during and for which said member is entitled to receive compensation because of services as a member of the police or fire department under Section 8.586 or 8.588, respectively.


Time prior to November 2, 1976, during which said member was entitled to receive compensation while a member of the Police or Fire Department under any other section of the Charter, provided that accumulated contributions on account of such service previously refunded are redeposited with interest from the date of refund to the date of redeposit, at times and in the manner fixed by the retirement board; and solely for the purpose of determining qualification for retirement under Section 8.586-3 for disability not resulting from injury received in or illness caused by performance of duty, time during which said member serves and receives compensation because of services rendered in other offices and departments.


Time during which said member is absent from a status included in Subsection (a) next preceding, by reason of service in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, or by reason of any other service included in Section 8.520 of the Charter, during any war in which the United States was or shall be engaged or during other national emergency, and for which said member contributed or contributes to the Retirement System or for which the City and County contributed or contributes on his or her account.


Time during which said member was on Unpaid Parental Leave pursuant to Charter Section A8.523, and for which said member has purchased service credit in the Retirement System.


(Amended November 1998; Amended by Proposition G, 11/4/2008)


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