§ A8.588-11


All payments provided for members under Section 8.588 shall be made from funds derived from the following sources, plus interest earned on said funds:


There shall be deducted from each payment of compensation made to a member under Section 8.588 a sum equal to seven percent of such payment of compensation. The sum so deducted shall be paid forthwith to the Retirement System. Said contribution shall be credited to the individual account of the member from whose salary it was deducted, and the total of said contributions, together with interest credited thereon in the same manner as is prescribed by the board of supervisors for crediting interest to contributions of other members of the Retirement System, shall be applied to provide part of the retirement allowance granted to, or allowance granted on account of said member, or shall be paid to said member or his or her estate or beneficiary as provided in Sections 8.588-8, 8.588-9 and 8.588-10. The individual accounts of members who purchased service credit for Unpaid Parental Leave shall also include the amount paid by the member for said purchase, plus interest.


The City and County shall contribute to the Retirement System such amounts as may be necessary, when added to the contributions referred to in Subsection (a) of this Section 8.588-11, to provide the benefits payable to members under Section 8.588. Such contributions of the City and County to provide the portion of the benefits hereunder shall be made in annual installments, and the installment to be paid in any year shall be determined by the application of a percentage to the total compensation paid during said year to persons who are members under Section 8.588, said percentage to the ratio of the value on November 2, 1976, or at the later date of a periodical actuarial valuation and investigation into the experience under the system, of the benefits thereafter to be paid to or on account of members under Section 8.588 from contributions of the City and County, less the amount of such contributions plus accumulated interest thereon, then held by said system to provide said benefits on account of service rendered by respective members after said date, to the value on said respective dates of salaries thereafter payable to said members. Said values shall be determined by the actuary, who shall take into account the interest which shall be earned on said contributions, the compensation experience of members, and the probabilities of separation by all causes, of members from service before retirement and of death after retirement. Said percentage shall be changed only on the basis of said periodical actuarial valuation and investigation into the experience under the system. Said actuarial valuation shall be made every even-numbered year and said investigation into the experience under the system shall be made every odd-numbered year.


To promote the stability of the Retirement System through a joint participation in the result of variations in the experience under mortality, investment and other contingencies, the contributions of both members and the City and County held by the system to provide benefits for members under Section 8.588, shall be a part of the fund in which all other assets of said system are included.


(Amended November 1996; Amended by Proposition G, 11/4/2008)


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