§ A8.590-4


Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Charter, or of the ordinances, rules or regulations of the City and County of San Francisco and its departments, boards and commissions, the City and County of San Francisco, through its duly authorized representatives, and recognized employee organizations representing classifications of Firefighters, Police Officers and Deputy Sheriffs shall have the mutual obligation to negotiate in good faith on all matters within the scope of representation as defined by Government Code Sections 3500, et seq., relating to the wages, hours, benefits and terms and conditions of City and County employment, including the establishment of procedures for the resolution of grievances concerning the interpretation or application of any negotiated agreement. Unless and until agreement is reached through negotiations between authorized representatives of the City and County of San Francisco and the recognized employee organization for the classifications of Fire Department, Police Department and Deputy Sheriffs, or a determination is made through the impartial arbitration procedure hereinafter provided, no existing benefit, term or condition of employment for said fire Department, Police Department or Deputy Sheriffs shall be altered, eliminated or changed. Agreements reached by the duly authorized representatives for the City and County of San Francisco, its departments, boards and commissions and the recognized employee organizations pursuant to this Section shall be binding on the City and County of San Francisco, and on its departments, boards, commissions, officers and employees once adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Said agreements shall supersede any and all other conflicting procedures, provisions and formulas contained in this Charter relating to wages, hours, benefits or terms and conditions of employment.


(Amended March 2004)


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