§ A8.596-14


Notwithstanding any provisions of this Charter to the contrary, should any member of the fire department who is a member of the Retirement System under Charter Section A8.596 with five years of credited service, cease to be so employed, through any cause other than death or retirement, he or she shall have the right to elect, without right of revocation and within 90 days after termination of said service, to allow his or her accumulated contributions including interest to remain in the retirement fund and to receive a retirement allowance equal to the percent set forth in Section A8.596-2 opposite his or her age at retirement, for each year of service multiplied against the final compensation of said member, calculated at termination, payable beginning no earlier than age 50. The provisions of Section A8.596-14 shall not apply to any members of the Retirement System under Section A8.585 who terminated before January 1, 2003 or their continuants. No vesting retirement allowance under this section shall exceed ninety (90%) percent of the member’s final compensation.

Any member of the fire department convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude committed in connection with his or her duties as a member of the fire department shall, upon termination of his or her employment pursuant to the provisions of this Charter, forfeit all right to any benefits under this section except refund of his or her accumulated contributions.

Every retirement or death allowance payable to or on account of any member under Section A8.596-14 shall be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of Section A8.596-6 provided that if the member’s accrued service credit is less than 25 years the Section A8.596-6 adjustment will be multiplied by a fraction where the denominator is 25 and the numerator is equal to the member’s accrued service credit at the date of termination.


(Added November 2002)


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