§ A8.596-2


Any member of the fire department who completes at least twenty-five (25) years of service in the aggregate and attains the age of fifty (50) years, said service to be computed under Section A8.596-10, may retire for service at his or her option. A member retired after meeting the service and age requirements in the preceding sentence, shall receive a retirement allowance equal to the percent of the final compensation of said member, as defined in Section A8.596-1, set forth below opposite his or her age at retirement, taken to the preceding quarter year, for each year of service, as computed under Section A8.596-10:

Retirement Age Percent for Each Year of Credited Service
50 2.400
50.25 2.430
50.5 2.460
50.75 2.490
51 2.520
51.25 2.550
51.5 2.580
51.75 2.610
52 2.640
52.25 2.670
52.5 2.700
52.75 2.730
53 2.760
53.25 2.790
53.5 2.820
53.75 2.850
54 2.880
54.25 2.910
54.5 2.940
54.75 2.970
55+ 3.000

In no event, however, shall such a retirement allowance exceed ninety (90) percent of a member’s final compensation.

If, at the date of retirement for service, or retirement for disability resulting from an injury received in the performance of duty, said member has no spouse, children or dependent parents, who would qualify for the continuance of the allowance after the death of said member, or with respect to the portion of the allowance which would not be continued regardless of dependents, or upon retirement for disability resulting from other causes, with respect to all of the allowance and regardless of dependents at retirement, a member retired under this section, or Section A8.596-3, may elect before the first payment of the retirement allowance is made, to receive the actuarial equivalent of his or her allowance or the portion which would not be continued regardless of dependents, as the case may be, partly in a lesser allowance to be received by him or her throughout his or her life, and partly in other benefits payable after his or her death to another person or persons, provided that such election shall be subject to all the conditions prescribed by the Board of Supervisors to govern similar election by other members of the Retirement System, including the character and amount of such other benefits.


(Added November 2002)


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