§ A8.599


The Board of Supervisors is empowered to enact, by a vote of three-fourths of its members, such ordinances as it deems necessary to establish a plan or plans, consistent with federal and state requirements, to provide for the deferred taxation of accumulated vacation, sick leave or other compensation earned by and payable to employees on account of and after their separation from City and County employment. The City and County of San Francisco does not and cannot represent or guarantee that any particular federal or state income, payroll or other tax consequence will occur by reason of an employee’s participation in these plans nor whether there will be gains or losses on moneys paid into these plans. The Retirement Board shall administer any such plans. The Retirement Board may contract with a financially responsible independent contractor to serve as the third party administrator of any such plans. The Retirement Board shall manage such plans in compliance with federal and state tax laws and ensure that plan benefits do not conflict with or reduce benefits under the Retirement System. The reasonable and necessary administrative costs of this plan shall not be borne by the City and County but by the participants and by any third party plan administrator appointed hereunder.


(Added March 2004)


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