§ A8.600-3


Any member who becomes incapacitated for performance of duty because of disability determined by a qualified hearing officer to be of extended and uncertain duration, and who shall have completed at least 10 years of service credited in the Retirement System in the aggregate, computed as provided in Section A8.600-7, shall be retired upon an allowance of 1.8% (one and eight-tenths percent) of the average final compensation of said member, as defined in Section A8.600-1 for each year of credited service, if such retirement allowance exceeds 40 percent of his or her average final compensation; otherwise 1.8% (one and eight-tenths percent) of his or her average final compensation multiplied by the number of years of City service which would be credited to him or her were such City service to continue until attainment by him or her of age 60, but such retirement allowance shall not exceed 40 percent of such average final compensation. In the calculation under this section of the retirement allowance of a member having credit for service in a position in the evening schools and service in any other position, separate retirement allowances shall be calculated, in the manner prescribed, for each class of service, the average final compensation in each case being that for the respective class of service; provided that the average final compensation upon which the retirement allowance is calculated in such case shall be based on the compensation earned by the member in the classes of service rendered by him or her during the two years immediately preceding his or her retirement. The question of retiring members under this section may be brought before the Retirement Board on said Board’s own motion, by the Retirement Board’s Executive Director on its behalf, by said member, by his or her department head or by his or her guardian. If his or her disability shall cease, his or her retirement allowance shall cease, and he or she shall be restored to service in the position or classification he or she occupied at the time of his or her retirement.


(Added by Proposition D, Approved 6/8/2010)


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