§ A8.603-7


The following time and service shall be included in the computation of the service to be credited to a member for the purpose of determining whether such member qualifies for retirement and calculating benefits:


Time during which said member is a member of the Retirement System under Section A8.603 and for which said member is entitled to receive compensation because of service as a miscellaneous officer or employee.


Service in the fire and police departments which is not credited as service as a member under Section A8.603 shall count under this Section upon transfer of a member of either of such departments to employment entitling him or her to membership in the Retirement System under Section A8.603, provided that the accumulated contributions standing to the credit of such member shall be adjusted by refund to the member or by payment by the member to bring the account at the time of such transfer to the amount which would have been credited to it had the member been a miscellaneous member throughout the period of his or her service in either of such departments at the compensation he or she received in such departments.


Prior service, during which said member was entitled to receive compensation while a miscellaneous member under any other Section of the Charter, provided that accumulated contributions on account of such service previously refunded are redeposited with interest from the date of refund to the date of redeposit, at times and in the manner fixed by the Retirement Board.


Prior service determined and credited as prescribed by the Board of Supervisors.


The Board of Supervisors, by ordinance enacted by a three-fourths vote of its members, may provide for the crediting as service under the Retirement System service rendered as an employee of the federal government and service rendered as an employee of the State of California or any public entity or public agency in the State of California. Said ordinance shall provide that all contributions required as the result of the crediting of such service shall be made by the member and that no contributions there for shall be required of the City and County.


Time during which said member is absent from a status included in Subsections (a) or (b) and for which such member is entitled to receive credit as service for the City and County by virtue of contributions made in accordance with the provisions of Sections A8.519, A8.520 or A8.521 of the Charter.


Time during which said member was on Unpaid Parental Leave pursuant to Charter Section A8.523, and for which said member has purchased service credit in the Retirement System.


(Added by Proposition C, Approved 11/8/2011)


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