§ B6.406


The revenues of the harbor and of all properties and facilities incident thereto, or used in connection therewith, shall be deposited in a separate fund in the treasury of the City and County; and a harbor trust fund or trust funds shall be established by the City and County; and the City and County shall deposit in the fund or funds all monies received attributable to facilities on the transferred lands in the harbor.

Subject to the terms and conditions of Statute 1968, ch. 1333, appropriations from such funds shall be made for the following purposes and in the order named, viz:


for the payment of maintenance and operating expenses, pension charges and proportionate payments to such compensation and other insurance and accident reserve funds as the Commission may established the Board of Supervisors may require;


for the payment of principal, interest, reserve funds, sinking funds, and other funds established for the benefit of any forms of indebtedness issued or undertaken by or on behalf of the Commission for any purpose authorized under this Charter, including, but not limited to, revenue bonds, general obligation bonds, infrastructure financing district bonds, certificates of participation, lease revenue bonds, commercial paper, variable rate demand notes, auction rate securities, bond anticipation notes and other evidences of indebtedness:


for capital improvements to, and reconstruction and replacement of, the properties, equipment and facilities of the harbor , and


to establish a reserve, surplus or sinking fund for harbor operations, capital improvements, reconstruction, and replacement of equipment or facilities used in connection thereto as the Commission may establish.

In the event of a conflict between any trust indenture or other instrument securing or evidencing indebtedness outstanding as of January 1, 2009 and authorized in this Charter and the priorities set forth in this Section B6.406, the priorities of the debt instrument will control.


(Amended by Proposition D, 11/4/2008)


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