§ D3.750-2


The Director of Building Inspection shall be the department head and appointing officer of the Department of Building Inspection and shall be qualified by either technical training or administrative experience in the enforcement of building and other construction codes. The Director shall serve as the building official of the City and County and, upon his or her appointment, shall assume all of the powers and duties of the Director of Public Works with respect to the administration and enforcement of the building code and other construction codes. The Director shall have all the powers provided for department heads as set forth in Section 3.501 of this Charter. The Director shall be appointed by the commission and hold office at its pleasure; the person who has civil service status in the position of Superintendent of the Bureau of Building Inspection on the date the commission assumes management of the department shall serve as interim Director pending the appointment of a Director by the commission. Subject to the approval of the commission, and the budgetary and fiscal provisions of this Charter, the Director shall have the power to appoint and remove, at his or her pleasure, up to one deputy superintendent and no more than two assistant superintendents, all of whom shall be exempt from the civil service provisions of this Charter.

The Director shall not serve as an officer or member of any standing or ad hoc committee of any building industry or code development or enforcement organization or public agency other than the City and County of San Francisco without the prior approval of the commission.



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