§ 2.100.


The Board of Supervisors shall consist of eleven members elected by district.

The office of Board of Supervisors member is a full time position. The Civil Service Commission shall set the Supervisors’ salary once every five years. Before the Commission determines the Supervisors’ salary, it shall conduct and consider a salary survey of other full time California City Councils and County Boards of Supervisors and it may consider the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The Civil Service Commission shall timely transmit its determination of the Supervisors’ salary to the Controller, so that funds can be set aside for that purpose. The Controller shall include the Civil Service Commission’s determination in appropriate budget documents to insure implementation. This determination may not be changed except by the Civil Service Commission.

The Civil Service Commission shall establish dates for an appropriate five-year cycle for making the determinations required by this Section, in order to efficiently coordinate with City budget processes and related procedures. In order to institute this five-year cycle the initial determination may be for less than a five-year period, as determined by the Civil Service Commission.

If the City and employee organizations agree to amend the compensation provisions of existing memoranda of understanding to reduce costs, the Civil Service Commission shall review and amend the Supervisors’ salary as necessary to achieve comparable cost savings in the affected fiscal year or years.

The provisions of this Section shall apply, notwithstanding any other provision of this Charter.


(Amended November 1996; June 1998; November 2002)


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