§ 3.104.


The Mayor shall appoint or reappoint a City Administrator, subject to confirmation by the Board of Supervisors. The appointee shall have at least ten years’ governmental management or finance experience with at least five years at the City, County, or City and County level. The City Administrator shall have a term of office of five years, and may be removed by the Mayor subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors.

The City Administrator shall have responsibility for:

1. Administrative services within the executive branch, as assigned by the Mayor or by ordinance;

2. Administering policies and procedures regarding bonded or other long-term indebtedness, procurement, contracts and building and occupancy permits, and for assuring that all contracts and permits are issued in a fair and impartial manner and that any inspections involved with the issuance of permits shall be carried out in a like manner;

3. Coordinating all capital improvement and construction projects except projects solely under the Airport, Port, Public Utilities and Public Transportation Commissions;

4. Preparing and recommending bond measures for consideration by the Mayor and Board of Supervisors; and

5. Administering, budgeting and control of publicity and advertising expenditures.

The City Administrator shall have power to:

6. With the concurrence of the Mayor, appoint and remove the directors of the Departments of Administrative Services, Solid Waste, Public Guardian/Administrator, and Public Works, and such other department heads which are placed under his or her direction;

7. Propose rules governing procurement and contracts to the Board of Supervisors for consideration;

8. Award contracts without interference from the Mayor or Board of Supervisors; and

9. Coordinate the issuance of bonds and notes for capital improvements, equipment and cash flow borrowings, except for projects solely under the Airport, Port, Public Utilities and Public Transportation Commissions.

In those instances where contract awards are not subject to Board of Supervisors’ review, the City Administrator shall award contracts in full compliance with applicable laws and this Charter. The City Administrator’s decision in such cases shall be final.



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