§ 4.102.


Unless otherwise provided in this Charter, each appointive board, commission or other unit of government of the executive branch of the City and County shall:

1. Formulate, evaluate and approve goals, objectives, plans and programs and set policies consistent with the overall objectives of the City and County, as established by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors through the adoption of City legislation;

2. Develop and keep current an Annual Statement of Purpose outlining its areas of jurisdiction, authorities, purpose and goals, subject to review and approval by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors;

3. After public hearing, approve applicable departmental budgets or any budget modifications or fund transfers requiring the approval of the Board of Supervisors, subject to the Mayor’s final authority to initiate, prepare and submit the annual proposed budget on behalf of the executive branch and the Board of Supervisors’ authority under Section 9.103;

4. Recommend to the Mayor for submission to the Board of Supervisors rates, fees and similar charges with respect to appropriate items coming within their respective jurisdictions;

5. Unless otherwise specifically provided, submit to the Mayor at least three qualified applicants, and if rejected, to make additional nominations in the same manner, for the position of department head, subject to appointment by the Mayor;

6. Remove a department head; the Mayor may recommend removal of a department head to the commission, and it shall be the commission’s duty to act on the Mayor’s recommendation by removing or retaining the department head within 30 days; failure to act on the Mayor’s recommendation shall constitute official misconduct;

7. Conduct investigations into any aspect of governmental operations within its jurisdiction through the power of inquiry, and make recommendations to the Mayor or the Board of Supervisors;

8. Exercise such other powers and duties as shall be prescribed by the Board of Supervisors; and

9. Appoint an executive secretary to manage the affairs and operations of the board or commission.

In furtherance of the discharge of its responsibilities, an appointive board, commission or other unit of government may:

10. Hold hearings and take testimony; and

11. Retain temporary counsel for specific purposes, subject to the consent of the Mayor and the City Attorney.

Each board or commission, relative to the affairs of its own department, shall deal with administrative matters solely through the department head or his or her designees, and any dictation, suggestion or interference herein prohibited on the part of any member of a board or commission shall constitute official misconduct; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall restrict the board or commission’s powers of hearing and inquiry as provided in this Charter.



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