§ 4.107.


The Human Rights Commission shall consist of eleven members appointed by the Mayor, pursuant to Section 3.100, for four-year terms. Members may be removed by the Mayor.

The Commission shall:

1. Investigate complaints of unlawful discrimination against any person;

2. Ensure the civil rights of all persons;

3. Ensure that the affirmative action plans of each department of the City and County are current and are being properly implemented; and report on the implementation of such affirmative action plans to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors;

4. Promote understanding among the residents of the City and County and work cooperatively with governmental agencies, community group and others to eliminate discrimination and the results of past discrimination by furnishing information, guidance and technical assistance;

5. Study, investigate, mediate and make recommendations with respect to the solving of community- wide problems resulting in intergroup tensions and discrimination;

6. Implement the provisions of ordinances prohibiting discrimination in all contracts and subsequent subcontracts, franchises, leases, concessions or other agreements for or on behalf of the City and County; and

7. Issue such rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, and prepare such ordinances with respect to human rights for consideration by the Board of Supervisors as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.

In performing its duties, the Commission may hold hearings, issue subpoenas to require witnesses to appear and require the production of evidence, administer oaths, take testimony and issue appropriate orders and petitions for court orders in such manner as may be prescribed by law.



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