§ 4.112.



The Public Utilities Commission shall consist of five members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by a majority of the Board of Supervisors. Each of the members shall serve for a term of four years. Members may be removed by the Mayor only pursuant to Section 15.105.


Seat 1 on the Commission shall be a member with experience in environmental policy and an understanding of environmental justice issues. Seat 2 shall be a member with experience in ratepayer or consumer advocacy. Seat 3 shall be a member with experience in project finance. Seat 4 shall be a member with expertise in water systems, power systems, or public utility management, and Seat 5 shall be an at-large member.


The respective terms of office of members of the Public Utilities Commission who old office on August 1, 2008 shall expire at noon on that date, and the members appointed pursuant to the amendments to this Section approved at the June 2008 election shall succeed to said office at that time. In order to provide for staggered terms, the members appointed to Seats 2 and 4 shall serve for an initial term of two years from August 1, 2008. The remaining three members appointed to Seats 1, 3, and 5 shall serve for an initial term of four years from August 1, 2008, and thereafter the terms of all members shall be four years.


The Commission shall have charge of the construction, management, supervision, maintenance, extension, operation, use and control of all water and energy supplies and utilities of the City as well as the real, personal and financial assets, which are under the Commission’s jurisdiction on the operative date of this Charter, or assigned pursuant to Section 4.132.


(Amended by Proposition E, Election 6/3/2008)


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