§ 4.118.


The Commission on the Environment shall consist of seven members appointed by the Mayor, pursuant to Section 3.100, for four-year terms. Members may be removed by the Mayor.

The Department of the Environment shall regularly produce an assessment of San Francisco’s environmental condition. It shall also produce and regularly update plans for the long-term environmental sustainability of San Francisco.

Pursuant to the policies and directives set by the Commission, and under the supervision and direction of the department head, the Department shall manage the environmental programs, duties and functions assigned to it pursuant to Section 4.132 or by ordinance.

The Commission shall have the authority to review and make recommendations on any policy proposed for adoption by any City agency regarding conformity with the long-term plans for environmental sustainability, except for those regarding building and land use.

The Commission may investigate and make recommendations to all City agencies related to operations and functions, such as:

1. Solid waste management;

2. Recycling;

3. Energy conservation;

4. Natural resource conservation;

5. Environmental inspections;

6. Toxics;

7. Urban forestry and natural resources;

8. Habitat restoration; and

9. Hazardous materials.

The Commission shall conduct public education and outreach to the community on environmental issues, including, but not limited to each of the categories listed above.



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