§ 4.123.



Commission Membership. The Commission shall consist of seventeen (17) voting members, each of whom shall be between the ages of 12 and 23 years at the time of appointment. Each member of the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor shall appoint one member to the Commission. The Mayor shall also appoint five (5) members from underrepresented communities to ensure that the Commission represents the diversity of the City. All appointments shall be completed by the sixtieth day after the effective date of this charter amendment and by that date of each year thereafter. Commission members shall serve at the pleasure of their appointing authorities.

The Commission shall consist of individuals who have an understanding of the needs of young people in San Francisco, or experience with children and youth programs or youth organizations, or involvement with school or community activities. The members shall represent the diversity of ethnicity, race, gender and sexual orientation of the people of the City and County, and shall be residents of the City and County.


Term of Office. Members shall serve a term of one year. The first one year term for all members shall begin upon the date the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors certifies that all members of the Commission have been appointed following the adoption of this charter amendment. Future terms of office shall begin on that date of each successive year. Members shall conduct the first meeting of the Commission within thirty days of the appointment of all members.

In the event a vacancy occurs during the term of office of any voting member, a successor shall be appointed to complete the unexpired term of the office vacated in a manner similar to that which the member was initially appointed.


Removal of Members. Any member whom the Commission certifies to have missed three regularly scheduled meetings of the Commission in any six month period without prior authorization of the Commission shall be deemed to have resigned from the Commission effective on the date of the written certification from the Commission.


Compensation. Members of the Commission shall not be compensated, nor shall they be reimbursed for expenses.


Meetings. The Commission shall meet at least once a month.


Minutes of Meetings. The Commission shall prepare and maintain permanent minutes of the actions taken during its meetings, and shall file copies with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.


Bylaws. To aid in the orderly conduct of business, the Commission shall have the authority to create, amend, and repeal its own code of bylaws.



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