§ 4.124.


The purpose of the Commission is to collect all information relevant to advising the Board of Supervisors and Mayor on the effects of legislative policies, needs, assessments, priorities, programs, and budgets concerning the children and youth of San Francisco. Before the Board of Supervisors takes final action on any matter that primarily affects children and youth of the City and County, the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors shall refer the matter to the Commission for comment and recommendation. The Commission shall provide any response it deems appropriate within 12 days of the date the Board of Supervisors referred the matter to the Commission. After the 12 day period has elapsed, the Board of Supervisors may act on the matter whether or not the Board has received a response. This referral requirement shall not apply to any matter where immediate action by the Board of Supervisors is necessary to protect the public interest. The Commission shall have the following duties and functions:


Identify the concerns and needs of the children and youth of San Francisco; examine existing social, economic, educational, and recreational programs for children and youth; develop and propose plans that support or improve such programs; and make recommendations thereon to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors.


Identify the unmet needs of San Francisco’s children and youth through personal contact with these young people, school officials, church leaders, and others; and hold public forums in which both youth and adults are encouraged to participate.


Elicit the interest, support, and mutual cooperation of private groups (such as fraternal orders, service clubs, associations, churches, businesses, and youth organizations) and City-wide neighborhood planning collaborative efforts for children, youth and families that initiate and sponsor recommendations that address the social, economic, educational, and recreational needs of children and youth in San Francisco. Advise the Board of Supervisors and Mayor about how such recommendations could be coordinated in the community to eliminate duplication in cost and effort.


Advise about available sources of governmental and private funding for youth programs.


Submit recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors about juvenile crime prevention, job opportunities for youth, recreational activities for teenagers, opportunities for effective participation by youth in the governmental process, and changes in City and County regulations that are necessary to improve the social, economic, educational, and recreational advantages of children and youth.


Respond to requests for comment and recommendation on matters referred to the Commission by officers, departments, agencies, boards, commissions and advisory committees of the City and County.


Report to the Board of Supervisors the activities, goals, and accomplishments of the Commission by July 1 of each calendar year, effective July 1, 1997.



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