§ 4.133.



The Taxi Commission shall consist of seven members, appointed by the Mayor. The appointments shall include a member from the senior or disabled communities, a driver who does not hold a taxicab medallion, a manager in a taxicab company (either a medallion holder or a company representative), a member from the hospitality industry, a member from the labor community, a member from the neighborhoods, and a member of the general public not affiliated with any of the other enumerated categories.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 87103, individuals appointed to the Commission under this Section are intended to represent and further the interest of the particular industries, trades, or professions specified herein. Accordingly, it is found that for purposes of persons who hold such office, the specified industries, trades, or professions are tantamount to and constitute the public generally within the meaning of Government Code Section 87103.

The commissioners appointed to take office upon the effective date of this Charter section shall by lot classify their terms so that the terms of three of the commissioners shall expire at noon on the first anniversary of such date, and the terms of the remaining four commissioners shall expire at noon on the second anniversary of the effective date. On the expiration of these and successive terms of office, the appointments shall be made for two-year terms.

Members may be removed by the Mayor only pursuant to Section 15.105. Vacancies occurring in the offices of members, either during or at the expiration of a term, shall be filled by the Mayor.


Effective March 1, 1999, the Commission shall succeed to all powers and responsibilities relating to taxicabs and other motor vehicles for hire, other than criminal enforcement, now vested in the Police Commission, the Police Department or the Chief of Police. The Taxi Commission may be assigned additional duties and functions by ordinance or pursuant to Section 4.132.


All costs associated with the operations of the Taxi Commission, and such officers and employees as are necessary for the Commission to operate and administer the department and are authorized pursuant to the budgetary and fiscal provisions of the Charter, shall be recovered from permit, license and other fees charged to permit-holders, applicants, and other persons by the Commission. The Board of Supervisors shall set fees sufficient to offset the costs of the Commission’s operations and any such officers and employees. Notwithstanding the above, the Board of Supervisors may continue to offer reduced fees to operators who participate in the City’s Paratransit Program, and offset the reduction in revenues with a contribution from the General Fund.


(Added November 1998)


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