§ 9.114.


Each departmental budget shall describe each proposed activity of that department and the cost of that activity. In addition, each department shall provide the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors with the following details regarding its budget:

1. The overall mission and goals of the department;

2. The specific programs and activities conducted by the department to accomplish its mission and goals;

3. The customer(s) or client(s) served by the department;

4. The service outcome desired by the customer(s) or client(s) of the department’s programs and activities;

5. Strategic plans that guide each program or activity;

6. Productivity goals that measure progress toward strategic plans;

7. The total cost of carrying out each program or activity; and

8. The extent to which the department achieved, exceeded or failed to meet its missions, goals, productivity objectives, service objectives, strategic plans and spending constraints identified in subsections (1) through (6) during the prior year or prior budgetary cycle.

Departmental budget estimates shall be prepared in such form as the Controller, after consulting with the Mayor, directs in writing.


(Amended by Proposition A, Approved 11/5/2009)


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