§ 9.119.



No later than July 1, 2010, the City shall adopt a five-year financial plan for those non-general fund departments and offices proposed by the Mayor and designated by the Board by ordinance for early implementation. The City shall update that plan and combine it with a five-year financial plan for all other City departments and offices no later than July 1, 2011. By March 1st of each odd numbered year thereafter, the Mayor shall propose a five-year financial plan, and by May 1st of each such year the Board of Supervisors shall review, amend and adopt the five-year financial plan by resolution.


The Mayor and the Board of Supervisors shall use the financial plan as a tool to plan for upcoming City budgets. The financial plan shall include a forecast of expenditures and revenues during the five-year period, and actions proposed to balance revenues and expenditures during each year of the plan. The plan shall include a summary of each department’s strategic goals, resources allocated in the plan to meet these goals, and changes in service levels expected given investment levels proposed in the plan.


(Added by Proposition A, Approved 11/5/2009)


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