§ 5.105.


The California Palace of Legion of Honor and the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum shall compromise the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, or such other title as may be chosen by not less than two-thirds of the trustees of the Fine Arts Museums. The Fine Arts Museums Board of Trustees shall consist of 62 members to be elected by the members of the Board. On a vote of the majority of members, the number of Trustees may be increased or decreased from time to time as needed, provided that the number of Trustees shall not be more than 62, and provided further that a vote to decrease the number shall not affect the power or tenure of any incumbent. The Board may act by majority of the members present at meetings in which a quorum is in attendance.

In selecting members to serve on the Board, the Board of Trustees shall give due consideration to nominees who are broadly representative of the diverse communities of the City and County and knowledgeable in the fields of art and culture, as demonstrated by their experience, training, interest or philanthropic activity.

A quorum of the Board shall consist of one-third of the number of trustees in office at the time. A majority or two-thirds vote of the Board shall mean a majority or two-thirds vote of the number of trustees present at the meeting at which the vote is taken.

The Board is responsible for the protection and conservation of the assets of the Fine Arts Museums and for setting the public course the Museums will follow. The Board shall assure that the Museums are open, accessible and vital contributors to the cultural life of the City and County, and that the Museums’ programs bring art appreciation and education to all the people of the City and County.

The Board may enter into agreements with a not-for-profit or other legal entity to develop or operate the museums and to raise and maintain funds for the museums’ support.



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