§ 8.103.


The San Francisco Law Library shall be under the management and control of the Board of Trustees, as established by act of the Legislature approved March 9, 1870. The Board shall consist of seven appointive members of the San Francisco bar, and the Mayor, the Presiding Judge and the three judges of the Appellate Department of the Superior Court, ex-officio. All vacancies on the Board shall be filled by the Board.

Pursuant to state law, the Board shall appoint and at its pleasure may remove a librarian, who shall be its executive officer. The Board shall have complete authority to manage its affairs consistent with this Charter and state law.

Compensation of Law Library personnel shall be fixed by the executive officer of the Law Library, with approval of the Board of Trustees. Subject to the budgetary and fiscal provisions of this Charter, the City and County shall continue to fund the salaries for at least the positions of Librarian, Assistant Librarian and Bookbinder.

The City and County shall provide suitable and sufficient quarters for the Law Library, fix up and furnish the same and provide for the supply of necessary light, heat, stationery and other conveniences. The Library shall be so located as to be readily accessible to the judges and officers of the courts.

The Clerks of the Superior and Municipal Courts shall collect fees provided for law libraries by general law and the fees so collected shall be paid monthly to the Treasurer of the Law Library, and shall constitute a law library fund to be expended by the Trustees in the purchase of books and periodicals, and in the establishment and maintenance of the Law Library.

The judiciary, City, County and state officials, members of the Bar, and all inhabitants of the City and County shall have free access, use and enjoyment of the Law Library, subject to the rules and regulations of the Trustees.



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