§ 8A.103.



The Municipal Railway shall provide a level of service measured in service hours which is not less than that provided under the schedule of service published in the April 1996 timetable, although not necessarily in that configuration.


By July 1 of each year, the Agency shall adopt mile-stones toward achievement of the goals specified in subsections (c) and (d). Milestones shall be adopted for each mode of transportation of the Municipal Railway, and for the Municipal Railway as a whole, with the goal of full achievement of the standards set in subsection (c).


The standards for the Agency with respect to the services provided by the Municipal Railway shall include the following minimum standards for on-time performance and service delivery:

1. On-time performance: at least 85 percent of vehicles must run on-time, where a vehicle is considered on-time if it is no more than one minute early or four minutes late as measured against a published schedule that includes time points; and

2. Service delivery: 98.5 percent of scheduled service hours must be delivered, and at least 98.5 percent of scheduled vehicles must begin service at the scheduled time.


The Board of Directors shall adopt Agency rules setting additional measurable standards for system reliability, system performance, staffing performance, and customer service, including:

1. Passenger, public, and employee safety and security;

2. Coverage of neighborhoods and equitable distribution of service;

3. Level of crowding;

4. Frequency and mitigation of accidents and breakdowns;

5. Improvements in travel time, taking into account adequate recovery and lay-over times for operators;

6. Vehicle cleanliness, including absence of graffiti;

7. Quality and responsiveness of customer service;

8. Employee satisfaction;

9. Effectiveness of the preventive maintenance program; and

10. Frequency and accuracy of communications to the public.

11. The Agency’s duties related to parking and traffic functions and any other functions that may be added to the Agency’s responsibilities.


The Board of Directors shall adopt Agency rules setting forth the methods by which performance shall be measured with respect to each standard established pursuant to subsections (c) or (d) above in accordance with industry best practices to enhance the Agency’s ability to compare its performance to that of other comparable transit systems. The Agency shall regularly publish reports documenting the Agency’s performance for each standard. Each performance report shall note any changes in the rules governing the methods by which performance is measured so as to inform interpretation of performance trends over time. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Agency from using additional performance measures.


The Agency shall issue a Climate Action Plan to the Board of Supervisors and the Commission on the Environment by January 1, 2009, and every two years thereafter. The plan shall describe measures taken and progress made toward the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from San Francisco’s transportation sector to 80% of 1990 levels by 2012 and shall further address progress toward the following goals:

1. Zero greenhouse gas emissions for Municipal Railway transit vehicles;

2. Lowering energy consumption in Agency facilities and by non-transit vehicles;

3. Maximizing waste reduction in Agency operations;

4. Increasing transit trips and reducing private vehicle trips within the City;

5. Increasing the use of bicycling and walking as alternate forms of transportation; and

6. Improving regional transit connections to reduce private vehicle use by commuters.

No later than January 1, 2010, and no less than every ten years thereafter, the Board of Supervisors shall adopt legislation setting goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from San Francisco’s transportation sector, and other climate action measures set forth above, for periods after 2012.


(Added November 1999; Amended by Proposition A, Approved 11/6/2007)


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