§ 8A.105.



There is hereby established a fund to provide a predictable, stable, and adequate level of funding for the Agency, which shall be called the Municipal Transportation Fund. The fund shall be maintained separate and apart from all other City and County funds. Monies therein shall be appropriated, expended, or used by the Agency solely and exclusively for the operation including, without limitation, capital improvements, management, supervision, maintenance, extension, and day-to-day operation of the Agency, including any division subsequently created or incorporated into the Agency and performing transportation-related functions. Monies in the Fund may not be used for any other purposes than those identified in this Section.


Beginning with the fiscal year 2000-2001 and in each fiscal year thereafter, there is hereby set aside to the Municipal Transportation Fund the following:

1. An amount (the “Base Amount”) which shall be no less than the amount of all appropriations from the General Fund, including all supplemental appropriations, for the fiscal year 1998-1999 or the fiscal year 1999-2000, whichever is higher (the “Base Year”), adjusted as provided in subsection (c), below, for (1) the Municipal Railway; and (2) all other City and County commissions, departments and agencies providing services to the Municipal Railway, including the Department of Human Resources and the Purchasing Department, for the provision of those services. The Base Amount for the Department of Parking and Traffic and the Parking Authority shall be established in the same fashion but using fiscal years 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 for the services being incorporated into the Agency.

2. Subject to the limitations and exclusions in Sections 4.113, the revenues of the Municipal Railway, and, upon their incorporation into the Agency, the revenues of the Department of Parking and Traffic, and the Parking Authority; and

3. All other funds received by the City and County from any source, including state and federal sources, for the support of the Agency .


The Base Amount shall initially be determined by the Controller. Adjustments to the Base Amount shall be made as follows:

1. The Base Amount shall be adjusted for each year after fiscal year 2000-2001 by the Controller based on calculations consistent from year to year, by the percentage increase or decrease in aggregate City and County discretionary revenues. In determining aggregate City and County discretionary revenues, the Controller shall only include revenues received by the City which are unrestricted and may be used at the option of the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors for any lawful City purpose. Errors in the Controller’s estimate of discretionary revenues for a fiscal year shall be corrected by adjustment in the next year’s estimate.

2. An adjustment shall also be made for any increases in General Fund appropriations to the Agency in subsequent years to provide continuing services not provided in the Base Year, but excluding additional appropriations for one-time expenditures such as capital expenditures or litigation judgments and settlements.


The Treasurer shall set aside and maintain the amounts required to be set aside by this Section, together with any interest earned thereon, in the Municipal Transportation Fund, and any amounts unspent or uncommitted at the end of any fiscal year shall be carried forward, together with interest thereon, to the next fiscal year for the purposes specified in this Article.


It is the policy of the City and County of San Francisco to use parking-related revenues to support public transit. To that end, the following parking-related revenues deposited in the Transportation Fund shall be used to support the capital and operating expenses arising from the Agency’s transit functions:

1. Revenues from parking meters, except those amounts collected from parking meters operated by the Recreation and Park Department and the Port Commission and except to the extent that they are required by law to be dedicated to other traffic regulation and control functions;

2. Revenues from off-street parking facilities under the jurisdiction of the Agency (excluding facilities owned by the Parking Authority), including facilities leased to private owners and non-profit corporations, except those amounts generated from any parking on or below any land or facilities under the jurisdiction of the Recreation and Park Department and except those amounts obligated by contract executed before 1993 to pay debt service;

3. Revenues from fines, forfeited bail, or penalties for parking violations, except those amounts to be credited to the courthouse construction fund as provided in Administrative Code Section 10.117-35.


In addition, there is hereby set aside from the general revenues of the City and County and deposited in the Transportation Fund to support the Agency’s transit services an amount equivalent to 80 percent of the revenues received from the City’s tax on occupation of parking spaces. Additional amounts appropriated as a result of this subsection after July 1, 2008 which were not previously available to support transit service shall be used exclusively to:

1. support implementation of the transit service improvements recommended by the Transit Effectiveness Project or any subsequent system-wide route and service evaluation, with first priority given to the hiring of full time on-going staff and expansion of training for Agency employees, supervisors and managers; and

2. support the creation of a Labor-Management Implementation and Service Improvement Committee consisting of the Director of Transportation and a designated representative of each union representing Agency employees. This committee shall meet quarterly to discuss implementation of this Section and ongoing system challenges.


(Added November 1999; Amended by Proposition A, Approved 11/6/2007)


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