§ 8A.113.



The Agency shall be responsible for management of parking and traffic functions within the City, so as to:

1. Provide priority to transit services in the utilization of streets, particularly during commute hours while maintaining the safety of passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists;

2. Facilitate the design and operation of City streets to enhance alternative forms of transit, such as pedestrian, bicycle, and pooled or group transit (including taxis);

3. Propose and implement street and traffic changes that gives the highest priority to public safety and to impacts on public transit, pedestrians, commercial delivery vehicles, and bicycles;

4. Integrate modern information and traffic-calming techniques to promote safer streets and promote usage of public transit;

5. Develop a safe, interconnected bicycle circulation network; and

6. Ensure that parking policies and facilities contribute to the long term financial health of the Agency.


It shall be City policy that the Agency manage the Parking Authority so that it does not acquire or construct new or expanded parking facilities unless the Agency finds that the costs resulting from such acquisition, construction, or expansion and the operation of such facilities will not reduce the level of funding to the Municipal Railway from parking and garage revenues under Section 16.110 to an amount less than that provided for fiscal year 1999-2000, as adjusted by the Controller for inflation; further provided that it shall be City policy that before approving the acquisition, construction or expansion of a parking garage, the Agency’s Board of Directors shall make a finding that the operation of the garage will advance or be consistent with the City’s Transit First Policy.


(Added November 1999; Amended by Proposition A, Approved 11/6/2007)


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