§ 8B.121.



Notwithstanding Charter section 4.112, the Public Utilities Commission shall have exclusive charge of the construction, management, supervision, maintenance, extension, expansion, operation, use and control of all water, clean water and energy supplies and utilities of the City as well as the real, personal and financial assets, that are under the Commission’s jurisdiction or assigned to the Commission under Section 4.132.


The Public Utilities Commission may enter into Joint Powers Agreements with other public entities in furtherance of the responsibilities of the Commission.


Except to the extent otherwise provided in this Article, the Public Utilities Commission shall be subject to the provisions of Charter sections 4.100 et seq. generally applicable to boards and commissions of the City and County.


The General Manager shall have the authority to organize and reorganize the department. The General Manager shall adopt rules and regulations governing all matters within the jurisdiction of the department subject to section 4.102 as applicable.


Ownership or control of any public utility or any part thereof under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission may not be transferred or conveyed absent approval by the Public Utilities Commission and approval by a vote of the electors of the City at the election next ensuing not less than 90 days after the adoption of such ordinance, which shall not go into effect until ratified by a majority of the voters voting thereon. Voter approval shall not be required for sales or transfers of real property declared surplus to the needs of any utility by the Public Utilities Commission or to leases or permits for the use of utility real property approved by the Public Utilities Commission.


(Added November 2002)


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