§ 8B.126.



The General Manager shall be selected under the provisions of Charter sections 3.100 and 4.102. The General Manager may be employed under an individual contract. His or her compensation shall be comparable to the compensation of the chief executive officers of the public water, wastewater and/or power systems in the United States that the Commission, after an independent survey, determines most closely resemble the Public Utilities Commission in size, mission, and complexity. In addition, the Public Utilities Commission may provide an incentive compensation bonus plan for the General Manager based on performance goals established by the Commission.


The General Manager may negotiate an individual contract with the employee appointed to perform the duties of general infrastructure management and oversight of the Capital Improvement Program subject to approval by the Commission and notwithstanding Charter Section A8.409 et seq.


For purposes of approving individual employment contracts the Public Utilities Commission may exercise all powers of the City and County, the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, and the Director of Human Resources under Article XI of this charter. Individual employment contracts shall utilize and shall not alter or interfere with, the Retirement or Vacation provisions of this Charter or the Health Plans established by the City’s Health Service Board; provided however, that the Commission may contribute toward defraying the cost of the employee’s health premiums and retirement pick-up.


(Added November 2002)


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