§ 10.103.


A Human Resources Director shall be selected by the Mayor from candidates nominated by the Civil Service Commission and confirmed by vote of the Board of Supervisors. The Human Resources Director shall possess not less than ten years professional experience in personnel, human resources management, labor or employee relations at least five years of which must be in federal, state or local governmental personnel management and such other qualifications as determined by the Commission. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Charter, the Human Resources Director shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor, provided that the Mayor’s removal of the Human Resources Director may be rejected by a four-fifths vote of the Commission. Failure of the Commission to act within 30 days shall be deemed approval of the Mayor’s action. The nominee of the Mayor may be appointed acting Human Resources Director pending confirmation. The person so appointed shall, before taking office, make under oath and file in the Office of the County Clerk the following declaration: “I am opposed to appointments to the public service as a reward for political activity and will execute the Office of Human Resources Director in the spirit of this declaration.”

The appointment of the Director of the Human Resources Department as of the effective date of this Charter shall be effective until July 1, 1996, after which time he may be reappointed to the position in accordance with the appointment method provided herein.

The Human Resources Director shall have full power to administer the affairs of the Department. He or she shall have all powers of a department head and may appoint a Director of Employee Relations, an executive assistant and one confidential secretary, each of whom shall be exempt from the civil service provisions of this Charter, to assist in the administration and management of the functions of the department.

The Human Resources Director shall review and resolve allegations of discrimination as defined in Article XVII of this Charter against employees or applicants, or otherwise prohibited nepotism or favoritism. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Charter except the fiscal provisions hereof, the decision of the Human Resources Director shall forthwith be enforced by every employee and officer, unless the decision is appealed to the Commission in accordance with Section 10.101.

The Human Resources Director shall investigate all employee complaints concerning job-related conduct of City and County employees and shall promptly report to the source of the complaint.

The Human Resources Director shall promote effective and efficient management through personnel programs that encourage productivity, job satisfaction and exemplary performance.

The Human Resources Director shall provide a procedure for resolution of employee disputes which shall be consistent with other provisions of this Charter and shall be utilized by all department heads and appointing officers in the absence of an applicable grievance procedure in a binding labor agreement.

The Human Resources Director shall verify that all persons whose names appear on City and County payrolls have been legally appointed to or employed in positions legally established under this Charter. The Controller shall not draw his or her warrant for any claim for salary, wages or compensation which has been disapproved by the Human Resources Director.

Consistent with the foregoing and other applicable provisions of this Charter, the Human Resources Director may delegate to the various appointing officers appropriate personnel responsibilities, and shall consult with appointing officers with respect to Civil Service Commission rules affecting their operations.

The Human Resources Director shall establish a system of job classification. The decision of the Human Resources Director regarding classification matters shall be final unless appealed to the Commission; provided, however, that nothing herein shall be construed to alter the scope of bargaining set forth in the following sections of the 1932 Charter: 8.400, 8.403, 8.404, 8.405, 8.407-1, 8.409 et seq. and 8.590-1 et seq.

The allocation or reallocation of a position shall not adversely affect the civil service rights of an occupant regularly holding such position. No person shall hold a position outside of the classification to which the person has been appointed, provided that every employee of any department or office shall discharge any of the duties pertaining to such department or office to which the employee’s department head may temporarily assign the employee.


(Amended November 2004)


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