§ 14.103.



An elected official of the City and County, the City Administrator, the Controller, or any member of the Airports Commission the Board of Education, the governing board of the Community College District, the Ethics Commission or the Public Utilities Commission may be recalled by the voters as provided by this Charter and by the laws of the State of California, except that no recall petitions shall be initiated with respect to any officer who has held office for less than six months.


Upon certifying the sufficiency of the recall petition’s signatures, the Director of Elections shall immediately call a special municipal election on the recall, to be held not less than 105 nor more than 120 days from the date of its calling unless it is within 105 days of a general municipal or statewide election, in which event the recall shall be submitted at such general municipal or statewide election.


(Amended November 1996; Amended by Proposition E, 11/4/2008)


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