§ 15.102.


The Commission may adopt, amend and rescind rules and regulations consistent with and related to carrying out the purposes and provisions of this Charter and ordinances related to campaign finances, conflicts of interest, lobbying, campaign consultants and governmental ethics and to govern procedures of the Commission. In addition, the Commission may adopt rules and regulations relating to carrying out the purposes and provisions of ordinances regarding open meetings and public records. The Commission shall transmit to the Board of Supervisors rules and regulations adopted by the Commission within 24 hours of their adoption. A rule or regulation adopted by the Commission shall become effective 60 days after the date of its adoption unless before the expiration of this 60- day period two-thirds of all members of the Board of Supervisors vote to veto the rule or regulation.

The City Attorney shall be the legal advisor of the Commission.

Any ordinance which the Supervisors are empowered to pass relating to conflicts of interest, campaign finance, lobbying, campaign consultants or governmental ethics may be submitted to the electors at the next succeeding general election by the Ethics Commission by a four-fifths vote of all its members.


(Amended November 2001)


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