§ 16.105.


All buildings and improvements erected by or under the authority of the California Academy of Sciences, in or on property owned or controlled by the City and County, including but not limited to the Steinhart Aquarium, the original Natural History Museum, the Simson African Hall and the additions housing, among other things, the Alexander F. Morrison Planetarium and Auditorium, are the property of the City and County. However, the buildings and improvements, and the activities and personnel therein shall be managed and controlled exclusively by the California Academy of Sciences, except that employees of the City and County shall be subject to the personnel provisions of this Charter and their compensation fixed in accordance with this Charter and City and County funds are subject to the financial provisions of this Charter.

The California Academy of Sciences shall submit to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors an annual financial statement of its activities in connection with the operation of the buildings described in this section.

Nothing herein shall abrogate any trust by which any property of the California Academy of Sciences has been acquired.



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