§ 16.116.


The following sections of the Charter of 1932, as amended, shall remain in effect as a part of this Charter as “Appendix A  Employment Provisions,” except that in instance of conflict or inconsistency between these sections of the Charter of 1932 and the body of this Charter, this Charter shall prevail, and subject to the following limitations and amendments:

1. All references to sections of “the Charter” or “this Charter” shall be construed to refer to the Charter of 1932, as defined above;

2. All definitions or descriptions included through such references shall remain in force, unless in conflict or inconsistent with definitions or descriptions in this Charter, or unless amended by the Board of Supervisors; and

3. Effective upon adoption of this Charter, references to “wife,” “surviving spouse,” “widow” or “widower” shall be construed to include “spouse,” or “surviving spouse.”

The following sections from the Charter of 1932, as amended, shall be included in Appendix A with full force and effect, and each shall be designated with a prefix “A”:


Contractors’ Working Conditions


Certification of Eligibles


Removal or Discharge of Permanent, Non-Probationary Employees

8.342 – 8.344

Disciplinary Suspensions; Police and Fire Department Suspensions; Exoneration of Charges

8.345 – 8.346

Disciplinary Action-Strikes


Catastrophic Sick Leave

8.400 – 8.406

Salaries and Wages for Teachers, Muni, Police, Fire and Miscellaneous Employees

8.409 – 8.409-6

Collective Bargaining

8.410 – 8.411


8.420 – 8.429

Health Service SystemBenefits

8.430 [1st ¶]

“Medical Care” Defined

8.431 – 8.432

Health Service System Benefits

8.440 – 8.441


8.450 – 8.452

Hours and Tours of Duty

8.500 – 8.517

Retirement System

8.518 – 8.588-15

Retirement System

8.590-1 – 8.590-7

Collective Bargaining for Fire, Police and Airport Police

The provisions of Appendix A may be amended only pursuant to the provisions of state law governing charter amendments.



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