§ 16.123-1.



The people of the City and County of San Francisco find and declare that:

1. Quality public education is highly correlated with higher earnings potential, reduced crime, lower rates of teen pregnancy and substance abuse, and greater self-esteem;

2. Urban public schools have the greatest need for comprehensive educational programs-including preschool programs, arts and music programs, sports activities, and after school programs-but often have the fewest resources to provide them;

3. While California once led the nation in public school spending and performance, investments have greatly declined. Despite its high cost of living, San Francisco per pupil spending ranks 34th among 43 comparable central City U.S. public school districts of similar size. As of 2001, adjusted for cost-of-living, teacher salaries for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) ranked 99th of 100 metropolitan areas;

4. SFUSD enrollment has dropped in recent years as families have left San Francisco in search of affordable neighborhoods with high-quality public schools;

5. The choices businesses make about where to locate include the quality of public services the City provides, including public safety, transportation and education;

6. Since 2000, the SFUSD has made strong improvements in achievement measures and financial management; and

7. As the economy begins to recover, now is the time to invest in our children’s future, before further declines begin to erode the progress the SFUSD has made.


This measure may be referred to as “The Arts, Music, Sports, and Pre-School for Every Child Amendment of 2003.”


(Added March 2004)


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