§ 16.123-2.



Creating the Fund. There shall be a Public Education Enrichment Fund. The City shall each year appropriate monies to the Public Education Enrichment Fund according to subsections (b), (c), and (d), below. In determining whether the City has met its annual obligation to the Fund, the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors may consider both direct financial support and the cash value of any in-kind support services, as described in Section 16.123-5, provided by the City to the San Francisco Unified School District and the Children and Families First Commission (hereinafter the “First Five Commission”) or any successor agency, provided that at least two-thirds of the City’s contribution to the Fund each year shall be comprised of direct financial support necessary to meet the requirements of Sections 16.123-3 and 16.123-4 of this measure.


Baseline Appropriations. The Fund shall be used exclusively to increase the aggregate City appropriations to and expenditures for the San Francisco Unified School District. To this end, the City shall not reduce the amount of such City appropriations (not including appropriations from the Fund and exclusive of expenditures mandated by state or federal law) in any of the eleven years during which funds are required to be set aside under this Section below the amount so appropriated for the fiscal year 2002-2003 (“the base year”). These baseline appropriations shall be separate from the City’s annual contributions to the Public Education Enrichment Fund under subsection (c), and shall be appropriated by the City to the School District each year during the term of this measure for the same purposes and in the same relative proportions among those purposes as in the base year, as certified by the Controller.

The amount of the City’s baseline appropriations to the School District shall be adjusted for each year after the base year by the Controller based on calculations consistent from year to year by the percentage increase or decrease in City and County discretionary General Fund revenues. In determining City and County discretionary General Fund revenues, the Controller shall only include revenues received by the City and County that are unrestricted and may be used at the option of the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors for any lawful City purpose. Errors in the Controller’s estimate of discretionary revenues for a fiscal year shall be corrected by an adjustment in the next year’s estimate. Using audited financial results for the prior fiscal year, the Controller shall calculate and publish the actual amount of City appropriations that would have been required under this baseline for the School District.


Annual Contributions to the Fund  FY 2005-2006 through FY 2009-2010. In addition to the annual baseline appropriation provided above, the City shall, for years two through six of this measure, contribute the following amounts to the Public Education Enrichment Fund:

Fiscal Year 2005-06

$ 10 million

Fiscal Year 2006-07

$ 20 million

Fiscal Year 2007-08

$ 30 million

Fiscal Year 2008-09

$ 45 million

Fiscal Year 2009-10

$ 60 million


Annual Contributions to the Fund-FY 2010-11 through FY 2014-15. For Fiscal Years 2010-11 through FY 2014-15, the City’s annual contribution to the Public Education Enrichment Fund shall equal its total contribution for the prior year, beginning with Fiscal Year 2009-2010, adjusted for the estimated increase or decrease in discretionary General Fund revenues for the year.


Audit Requirements. All disbursements from the Fund and from the baseline appropriations shall be subject to periodic audit by the Controller. The San Francisco Unified School District and the First Five Commission shall agree to such audits as a condition of receiving disbursements from the Fund.


(Added March 2004)


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