§ 16.123-5.



In-Kind Support. Not later than one year after the effective date of this measure, the City and the School District shall identify areas of potential in-kind support that the City could provide to the School District free of charge or at substantially reduced rates. In-kind support, for these purposes, may include, but is not limited to:

Learning support services, including health, counseling, social work, and nutrition services;

Financial support services;

Telecommunication and information services;

Construction management services;

Utility services;

Transportation services;

Legal services; and

Public safety services.


Planning Process. No later than six months after the effective date of this measure, the School District shall submit to the Board of Supervisors proposals for in-kind services that could be provided by the City to the District to further the educational goals and operations of the District. The Board shall distribute those proposals to all City departments having expertise in providing or capability to provide such in-kind services, and no later than nine months after the effective date of this measure, the departments will respond to the Board with proposals to provide such in-kind services to the District. The School District may use any direct financial support provided under this Section to hire consultants to help identify possible in-kind services. The Board of Supervisors may, by ordinance, provide for continuation of this planning process during the subsequent term of the measure.


Annual Disbursements. Each year during the term of this measure, the City shall provide direct financial assistance from the Public Education Enrichment Fund to the San Francisco Unified School District, in an amount equal to one-third of the money in the Fund, or in-kind support services of equal value.


Permissible Uses. The San Francisco Unified School District may expend funds provided as direct financial support under this Section for any educational or support purpose provided under law, including, but not limited to, gifted and talented programs, magnet programs, literacy programs, dual-language immersion programs, special education, employee compensation, career and college centers at high schools, teacher mentoring or master teacher programs, or other instructional purposes. The City recognizes that in providing such programs and services, a well-run school district requires both certificated and classified staff, and urges the San Francisco Unified School District to hire both certificated and classified staff to carry out the purposes of this measure.


Within one year of the effective date of this measure, the School District, with the assistance of the City’s Department of Public Health, Department of Human Services, and Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families, shall conduct an assessment of health, counseling, social work, and nutritional needs of pupils in the District, including problems related to asthma and other chronic diseases. The City may appropriate a specific portion of the disbursement under this Section through its annual appropriation process for these purposes, pursuant to recommendations from the School District.


(Added March 2004)


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