§ 16.123-6.



No later than February 1 of each year during the term of this measure, the San Francisco Unified School District and the First Five Commission shall each submit an expenditure plan for funding to be received from the Public Education Enrichment Fund for the upcoming fiscal year. The proposed expenditure plans must include prior year total budgeted and expended appropriations and Fund budgeted and expended appropriations by category, as well as average daily attendance information for the prior year and anticipated average daily attendance information for the plan year, to facilitate multi-year comparison.


The Controller shall review the plans and transmit them, with his or her comments, to the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors for their review and comment.


The plans shall include a budget for the expenditures, performance goals, target populations, hiring and recruitment plans for personnel, plans for matching or other additional funding, operating reserves, and any other matters that the District and Commission deem appropriate or the Mayor or the Board requests.


The Mayor and the Board of Supervisors may request further explanation of items included in the plans, and the District and the Commission shall respond in a timely manner to such inquiries. The Board may place appropriations provided for under this measure on reserve until it has received adequate responses to its inquiries.


(Added March 2004)


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